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On The Go Video … A higher perspective.

Drones are perfect for aerial photography and videography because they add a new perspective.

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We also provide businesses with video’s to enhance and promote their company, venue or facility.  Drones are shaping the next evolution in marketing.

Drone Safety

Certificate Of Completion Desi Ekstein successfully completed Gold Seal Remote Pilot Ground School

Certificate Of Completion

Safety is our first concern.   Desi Ekstein is a licensed remote pilot and a student of the  FAA Safety Wings program.   Continued education is important in this fast changing industry.  We also offer a list of references to help you be a safe pilot.

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When you fly your drone anywhere in the nation’s airspace, you automatically become part of the U.S. aviation system. Under the law, your drone is an aircraft.  Drone operators are pilots and must fly responsibly and safely.   We have gone above and beyond to stay informed of the current safety regulations.


Computer programming

STEM / STEAM …. A brighter future.

First…   What is it?  STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.   STEAM add “ART”.   I believe that art is an important part to the equation and drones are the perfect tool for the job.

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  • East Side Middle School, KY
  • AMA

The knowledge and enthusiasm that the students show towards new technology is amazing!   To start the program the students are handed a box of parts.   They build the drone, computer program the RC communication, make sure it can fly, and use Tinkercad to build replacement parts.Amazon

Horsing around with the DJI Phantom

Horsing around DJI Phantom

Horsing around with the DJI Phantom – now that is fun!

I’m not your average Drone Diva. I had to put in my personal touch on my flying and what I’ve accomplished.  Hope you check it out and enjoy my video as much as I did filming it!

I was looking or more things to do with the Phantom when I stumbled across “thedjiguy” and his video on the tricks the phantom can do.  It’s a great video and I am no where near this level.  But I gave him a laugh and said I would be in his next video.  So, he inspired me with new challenges, and of course I had to put a twist on it to make it personal.    😉  One of the challenges I has was getting my horse “Foxy”  comfortable with the Phantom.

I had plenty of practice with the Phantom landing on the barrel, but once I had the weight of the carrot the Phantom “Fanny” was not so reliable.  Finally I felt confident I had good control so I brought out my horse.  And as you would imagine, I lifted off and went flying backward right at my horse.  Good thing she has a big appetite for food.  I also had a few mishaps with her eating the carrots and hunting down the bag of stashed carrots.

Now that I’ve mastered this I hope to be able to do more flying with her.  It’s been fun coming up with ideas for more to do.  I would love to hear any ideas you have or share your videos of fun flying you’ve done.

Upgrade Micro SD Card 32GB

Upgrade  to a 32GB Micro SD card, the Phantom will come with  a 4gb Micro SD Card but it is very small for video  .  DO NOT get a 64GB Micro SD Card.   The phantoms don’t read them at this time.   I find that I only can film about 4 times with this small original memory card, I upgraded to the 32gb after I tried the 64GB first, apparently bigger is not always better.   At this time, Amazon.com has them at a great price and Best Buy has them at lower prices also.