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Inside, outside and from above!

Fullerton Arboretum

Aerial Services

With the use of a drone you can witness the beauty from a different perspective. Get an aerial overview of your entire event, facility, or work site.

FAA Drone Safety Awareness

UAS Education and Safety

Safety is our first concern. Staying up to date with current FAA rules and regulations and important in this quickly changing industry.


Take a look at our Gallery to see what we can do for you. We also offer easy digital transfer for our valued customers.

Housing Development Lake Elsinore
  • Certified Remote Pilot
  • San Diego FAASTeam Lead Representative
  • AUVSI TOP Level 3 Pilot
  • Graduate of the Gold Seal UAV Ground School
  • Night endorsement
  • Educator and Journalist
  • Specializing in UAS safety and awareness
Mount Wilson Ranch Nevada
Desi & Kim Coffee Connection
Online Resources
Drone Diva Desi On The Go

Educator and Journalist

Keeping the UAS industry fun and safe. Desiree has written several articles and taught many how to fly with safety in mind. She has also been a guest speaker at various events.

Desi created our video for our venue, it is on our website and is a very useful tool as our venue can be seen “in person” through the drone video by anyone anywhere! Desi is very professional, a joy to work with and always thinks safety first. I highly recommend her services!
Hawk Ranch Weddings
Cindy Cunniffe
Hawk Ranch Wedding Venue
I met Desi when she flying her drone at the Blythe Intaglios, ancient and monumentally scaled “geoglyphs” or ground drawings in Southern California. She generously allowed me to use some of the photos she took that day in a couple of my archaeology books. Fantastic photos! Desi is the best!
Blythe Intaglio shown in Kenneth L. Feder book "Ancient America"
Ken Feder
Professor of Archaeology

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