Empowering drone pilots to soar to success!

Drone Coaching and Training

Elevate Your Drone Operations with coaching and training tailored to your needs. 

Aerial Services

Video’s and aerial images tell a story.  Aerial images can share a event or preserve history.  They enhance and promote a company, venue or facility.  Drones are shaping the next evolution in marketing.  

UAS Education and Safety

Drones are here to stay. This industry will only be able to move forward if we learn to fly right and safely integrate into the NAS. We are here to provide education and training to give you confidence, knowledge, and skill. Let’s rise to the future!


Preserving History

Documenting the past plays an important role in our future.   By doing so we ensure we have a complete study of a series of events through time.   New drone technology has allowed advanced documentation and 3D modeling.

Education and Networking

Keeping the UAS industry fun and safe. Desiree has written several articles and taught many how to fly with safety in mind. She has also been a guest speaker at various events.

Elevate Your Standards

Safety is our first concern.   Desi Ekstein  a published author and subject matter expert on drone safety.   She is a licensed remote pilot and a FAASTeam Representative.   Continued education is important in this fast changing industry.  If you are ready to “Eleveate your Standards” and build your operationas manuel this is the publication for you!

  • FAA Regulations
  • Checklists
  • Weather
  • Mission Planning
  • Risk Mitigation
  • So Much More!

When you fly your drone anywhere in the national airspace, you automatically become part of the U.S. aviation system. Under the law, your drone is an aircraft.  Drone operators are pilots and must fly responsibly and safely.   Getting started is the hardest part of building your safety manual.   Here is where you will find material that will make that step easier.   Are you ready to order yours and Elevate Your Standards!


What Client Say

Desi created our video for our venue, it is on our website and is a very useful tool as our venue can be seen “in person” through the drone video by anyone anywhere! Desi is very professional, a joy to work with and always thinks safety first. I highly recommend her services!

Cindy Cunniffe Hawk Ranch Wedding Venue

I met Desi when she flying her drone at the Blythe Intaglios, ancient and monumentally scaled “geoglyphs” or ground drawings in Southern California. She generously allowed me to use some of the photos she took that day in a couple of my archaeology books. Fantastic photos! Desi is the best!

Ken Feder Professor of Archaeology