Preserving History


Historic Preservation for the Future

Documenting the past plays an important role in our future.   By doing so we ensure we have a complete study of a series of events through time.    It is imperative that documentation be updated and recorded.   New drone technology has allowed advanced documentation.

Corn Springs Mining Cabin

Desert Queen Mine

As part of our “preserving history”, we made a quick trip with the off road vehicles to check out this mine. There are three mining settlements in this area. The Desert Queen Mine is one of them.

Hazels Garden

Some things are best seen from the air. Hazel’s Garden in Wonder Valley. Hazel Iona Stiles passed away in 2012, but her memory lives on in her garden. She spent her time writing a message in the desert that is best seen from the air. A few of the words can still be read.

Church building in Congress

1893 Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railroad passed through the town of Congress Junction. Congress Consolidated Railroad was completed to transport ore between the mine and the Congress Junction in 1899.

Corn Springs Cabin

Miners came to the area and used the water for processing their gold ore, in the late 19th century. The most notable resident of the spring was Gus Lederer. The self-proclaimed “Mayor of Corn Springs”, was Gus Lederer. He lived at the spring until 1932, when he died from a black widow spider bite.

Our Why

We, Ken and Desi, have been traveling with off-road vehicles to mining areas for over 40 years. We have been interested in mining and own several claims. Over the years we have seen the decay and destruction of the mining operations of the past.   Vandals, weather, and natural causes have destroyed a part of history that can never be regained.  We have a heart to preserve this history and share it with others that may never have an opportunity to see or experience it.

Two Guns

The area of Two Guns has quite a bit of history spanning from late 1800’s to the decline in 1971. 1879–80, Billy the Kid and his outlaw gang hid in the ruins. 1889 four men robbed the local train at Canyon Diablo.

Preserving history Rhyolite Cook Bank

Rhyolite Cook Bank

Cook Bank in Rhyolite Ghost Town.  Preserving history is imperative.  Weather has destroyed many remaining buildings in the area.   Rhyolite Ghost Town was a thriving community during the Gold Rush.   Enjoy the 3D model of this bank.