Borrego Springs Sculptures

Sculptures at night in Borrego Springs put a new perspective on the creatures. Skip Fredricks hosted a night photography class in Borrego Springs. I have worked

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Corn Springs Miner’s Cabin

Corn Springs Miners Cabin Corn Springs Cabin is located near Desert Center California.  Corn Springs Mining District was established in 1897. Miners came to the area

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AUVSI Top Level 3 Instructor

Drone Diva Desiree Ekstein Has Achieved AUVSI TOP Level 3 and Instructor Status Desi Ekstein is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s first female who accomplished AUVSI

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InterDrone Interview

I was contacted by Kara Murphy to do a brief interview regarding my thought on InterDrone. I have attended InterDrone for many years.   It was

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Desert Queen Mine

This hopper is from the Desert Queen Mine in Vicksburg, AZ. As part of our “preserving history”, we made a quick trip with the off

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