Several of my friends have asked for my thoughts about the TripleTek tablet I recently purchased.


Because I found the TripleTek Pro very similar to the CrystalSky, I will share my comparing thoughts.  I have not used all the features yet.

Key factors for me:

  • I wanted something with great processing power
  • Could use 3rd party apps.  Pix4D, DroneDeploy, Drone Harmony…
  • Could work with the multitude of drones I operate, including Autel and DJI

I have a 7.85″ CrystalSky and an iPad Mini 4.  The iPad was continually letting me down so I have been using the CrystalSky.   I love my CrystalSky, but it also has drawbacks.

I specifically went for the TRIPLTEK PRO 8GB because of the Octa-core Processor.   I wanted to ensure I had enough processing power.

TRIPLTEK PRO 8GB (TT) is VERY fast! I have had no trouble downloading and executing some of my apps.

Update: Pix4D is still giving me some problems.  This is an Android tablet so Ctrl+DJI is also needed.  I am working through this.

I love that it has 4G LTE, GPS, WIFI. I have not had the chance to use the 4G LTE feature.   According to the TT website, I need an unlocked smartphone sim card for Verizon.  I do have the right sim card, but this baffled and worried Verizon.  I need to call back again and get this going.  I could use it with my mobile hotspot.

3rd party apps and no cell capabilities have been a struggle with my CrystalSky.

At first, I thought the TripleTek is MUCH heavier than the CrystalSky.  But once the battery was in place on the CS the weight is similar.  I borrowed an old school scale (don’t laugh) and found the TT is heavier by .18 lb. Both have a lot of weight, but I use a nice harness already.    This was not a calibrated scientific study.  I wanted to know for myself.

CS 708.738 g
TT 793.786 g
CS less -85.048 g
CrystalSky vs TripleTek
CrystalSky vs TripleTek
CrystalSky vs TripleTek
Full Sun

Both are touch screens.  The CS is brighter, but the TT is bright and easy, and soft on the eyes.  I still prefer the brightness of my CS.

In the short amount of time, I took the comparison photos the CS was already getting warm.   TRIPLTEK was not at all warm.  This too has been a problem for my CS.

I have also needed to order a different tablet holder.   Due to the size of the tablet, it does not fit the traditional one that is with my controllers.   (I did this for the CS also).

Because they were not my primary concern, I am not going to get into all the other features.  Such as SD card, Google Voice (which I do use), and apparently, if I get bored I can download and watch Netflix.

The fact that I am really hard on equipment and TripleTek is extremely durable is an added bonus.

So, if you ask me if I am 100% happy, not really.  I found some things that I lean towards my CrystalSky.  When addressing the needs that I was shopping for, that is a big YES!  The TripleTek Pro 8GB is more than what I expected.

I would love to hear your thoughts.


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