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Desi TripleTec Tablet

Several of my friends have asked for my thoughts about the TripleTek tablet I recently purchased.

Because I found the TripleTek Pro very similar to the CrystalSky, I will share my comparing thoughts.  I have not used all the features yet.  

Key factors for me:

  • I wanted something with great processing power
  • Could use 3rd party apps.  Pix4D, DroneDeploy, Drone Harmony…
  • Could work with the multitude of drones I operate, including Autel and DJI

I have a 7.85″ CrystalSky and an iPad Mini 4.  The iPad was continually letting me down so I have been using the CrystalSky.   I love my CrystalSky, but it also has drawbacks.

I specifically went for the TRIPLTEK PRO 8GB because of the Octa-core Processor.   I wanted to ensure I had enough processing power.

TRIPLTEK PRO 8GB (TT) is VERY fast! I have had no trouble downloading and executing some of my apps. 

Update: Pix4D is still giving me some problems.  This is an Android tablet so Ctrl+DJI is also needed.  I am working through this.  

I love that it has 4G LTE, GPS, WIFI. I have not had the chance to use the 4G LTE feature.   According to the TT website, I need an unlocked smartphone sim card for Verizon.  I do have the right sim card, but this baffled and worried Verizon.  I need to call back again and get this going.  I could use it with my mobile hotspot. 

3rd party apps and no cell capabilities have been a struggle with my CrystalSky.

At first, I thought the TripleTek is MUCH heavier than the CrystalSky.  But once the battery was in place on the CS the weight is similar.  I borrowed an old school scale (don’t laugh) and found the TT is heavier by .18 lb. Both have a lot of weight, but I use a nice harness already.    This was not a calibrated scientific study.  I wanted to know for myself.  


708.738 g


793.786 g

CS less

-85.048 g

CrystalSky vs TripleTek
CrystalSky vs TripleTek
CrystalSky vs TripleTek
Full Sun

Both are touch screens.  The CS is brighter, but the TT is bright and easy, and soft on the eyes.  I still prefer the brightness of my CS.

In the short amount of time, I took the comparison photos the CS was already getting warm.   TRIPLTEK was not at all warm.  This too has been a problem for my CS. 

I have also needed to order a different tablet holder.   Due to the size of the tablet, it does not fit the traditional one that is with my controllers.   (I did this for the CS also).

Because they were not my primary concern, I am not going to get into all the other features.  Such as SD card, Google Voice (which I do use), and apparently, if I get bored I can download and watch Netflix.   

The fact that I am really hard on equipment and TripleTek is extremely durable is an added bonus. 

So, if you ask me if I am 100% happy, not really.  I found some things that I lean towards my CrystalSky.  When addressing the needs that I was shopping for, that is a big YES!  The TripleTek Pro 8GB is more than what I expected.   

I would love to hear your thoughts.   


Hotel California

The Other Hotel California

Hotel California in the desert

This Hotel California is located in the desert hills of Indio California.

Can’t find the current information on it now.

When we rode there in 2018 were told the rumor that the guy killed his wife and was holding up in the hills at this location.

Old photos from 1980 show that there was a palapa out front. I have a photo from 2018 and the front wall was not complete. Now here in 2020 the door is missing but the front wall is complete.

Great care has gone into preserving the house. If you head this way please tread lightly to preserve history.

This model was made with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. All flights were manual. Combined orbits and grid. Process with several software solutions, DroneDeploy, Pix4D and Capture Reality. I chose to use the Pix4D model. Inside the house was filmed with the Insta360 one x camera.

Check out the 3D model on Sketchfab


2020 Other Hotel California
2020 Other Hotel California
2018 Other Hotel California
2018 Other Hotel California
1980's Other Hotel California
1980's Other Hotel California

Borrego Springs Sculptures

Borrego Springs Sculptures

Sculptures at night in Borrego Springs put a new perspective on the creatures.

Skip Fredricks hosted a night photography class in Borrego Springs.

I have worked with Skip Fredricks during a few of his classes and was my ultimate experience.

It was phenomenal!   Students learned camera settings, still photos, and light painting with drones.

night photography

night photography

night photography

night photography

Corn Springs Miner’s Cabin

Corn Springs Miners Cabin

Corn Springs Miners Cabin

Corn Springs Cabin is located near Desert Center California.  Corn Springs Mining District was established in 1897.

Miners came to the area and used the water for processing their gold ore, in the late 19th century.   The most notable resident of the spring was Gus Lederer.  The self-proclaimed “Mayor of Corn Springs”, was Gus Lederer.   He lived at the spring until 1932, when he died from a black widow spider bite.

There is a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) campground nearby and Chemehuevi, Desert Cahuilla and Yuma bands carved elaborate petroglyphs in the nearby rocks.  In 1998, the springs were added to the United States National Register of Historic Places.

See the 3D model Drone Diva Sketchfab

This 3D model was created in Pix4D merging double grid and orbits.   Mavic Pro 2

Information was found on

AUVSI Top Level 3 Instructor

Drone Diva Desiree Ekstein Has Achieved AUVSI TOP Level 3 and Instructor Status

Desi Ekstein is an Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s first female who accomplished AUVSI TOP Level 3 Remote Pilot and Remote Pilot Instructor.

San Diego, California

September 9, 2020

Desiree Ekstein, also known better as Drone Diva Desi, has achieved the AUVSI TOP Level 3 Remote Pilot Instructor status. AUVSI TOP (Trusted Operator Program) is a certification program ensuring that remote pilot training conforms to industry standards and supports safety, trust and acceptance of the use of small unmanned aircraft systems.  She will also continue to reach out to others to provide drone safety and training for the sUAS (drone) community. With the achievement of drone instructor certification, Ms. Ekstein is recognized as able to provide drone education and training for a TOP Certificated training provider. 

Desi has a vast experience as an instructor and commercial drone pilot. She has over six years in the industry. She is an adjunct instructor of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) at TCI MiraCosta College, in Carlsbad, California. Besides holding AUVSI TOP Level 3 Remote Pilot Instructor and pilot, she is also an FAA Certified 107 Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC). Moreover, she is a UAS safety advisor for Women and Drones, also a lead representative FAA UAS/Drone Safety in San Diego, CA.

As a Drone instructor, Desi provides educational instruction for the remote pilot Part 107 exam and teaches UAS operations at TCI MiraCosta College and Elementary Science Institute (EIS) for the “Girls Take Flight,” as part of a young female STEM program.  In addition to being a Drone instructor, Desi is an experienced commercial drone pilot. She has been trusted by many industries to perform aerial inspections and land surveying, including performing aerial inspections of power lines, bridge infrastructure, wind turbines, and mapping for construction.

About Desi Ekstein

Desi Ekstein is one of the few AUVSI TOP certified female sUAS/drone pilots in the USA and a renowned speaker at UAS STEM/STEAM events (Commercial UAV Expo, Kids Zone, and Women in Technology). She holds FAA Certified 107 Remote Pilot in Command (RPIC) and an AUVSI TOP Level 3 instructor. She has experience with several UAS platforms and software solutions such as DroneDeploy, Pix4D, and MicaSense. Desi’s aerial work has been published in three archaeological books by Kenneth L. Feder. Her goal is to continue her expertise as a commercial drone pilot and instructor as well as promoting UAS safe operations. Desi Ekstein can be reached on her website or follow her contact below.


Desi Ekstein

Drone Diva

951.523.7UAV (7828)


Congress Junction Church Building

Congress Arizona by Drone Diva Desi

Church building in Congress Junction AZ on U.S. 89

Dirt bikes and drones off road again.   Heading across Wickenburg desert to another ghost town.   We ending up getting some great footage of some buildings in Congress.    Check out the Drone Diva Desi’s 3D model of the church on SketchFab. 

Congress Junction Church Building

This belongs to a private owner who generously allow us to film the building.

Ken and I left from Wickenburg AZ to head to the Stanton Ghost Town.    We traveled about 25 miles on our dirt bikes across the desert to find that the Ghosts were afraid of COVID-19.   Stanton Ghost town would not let anyone in.   We traveled North to on the dirt trail to Yarnell.  Then we jumped on Highway 89 headed down the road to the “HotShots” memorial.    Our hearts are saddened for the lost lives and for the family members the HotShot Heros. 

From there we came down the hill to Congress Junction where we were able film this fun location.    

1893 Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railroad passed through the town of Congress Junction.
Congress Consolidated Railroad was completed to transport ore between the mine and the Congress Junction in 1899.

This 3D model was filmed with the DJI Mavic Pro 2. Approx 400 images. Both grid and orbit flights merged in Pix4D. Used Pix4D to clean up the model and export to SketchFab.

Most of the information we gathered was from conversations from people currently living in the community or from the book “Backcountry Adventures Arizona” .

This is the book we use for our off road adventures.
For more information about “dirt bikes and drones” and our off road adventure check out the blog about Congress Junction.

Congress Arizona

Congress Arizona by Drone Diva Desi
Congress buildings
Congress buildings

Other areas nearby

Yarnell Hotshots Memorial
Wickenburg railroad
Dirt bikes and Drones

InterDrone Interview

I was contacted by Kara Murphy to do a brief interview regarding my thought on InterDrone.

I have attended InterDrone for many years.   It was the first major Drone conference I attended.     I met some amazing people, and I am still in contact with some of them.

Thank you Kara for allowing me to share my thoughts about the InterDrone conferences.    This years conference will be held in Dallas, Texas this August.

InterDrone Interview: Desiree Ekstein of On the Go Video