Elsinore Grand Prix

Elsinore Grand Prix wasn’t  my best day flying.

Ok,  So life is not always a bundle of joy.   For months I was exited to fly for the Elsinore Grand Prix.   I couldn’t wait to get out there.  I practiced, bought new extra set of batteries.   Even stepped up my game to the new DJI Phantom 2 vision PLUS.  I was going to make sure everything was perfect.

I drug my spotter, (AKA my mom),  out to the stadium several times prior and bright and early starting day.   I got there early enough that I flew in my usual spot.   Took the new  “Big Red” up to a nice height to get a nice view of the track and the parking lot where everyone camps.  Then we went over off of Franklin St. and practiced flying there so I can catch the jumps.  Great day flying… all dialed in.

Now the big  day is hear.  Sunday morning, I get up early and head to the prime spot for jumping…. of Franklin St.  The street is blocked off so I get permission from security and the police to go set up down the street.   I’m all set up and ready to go.  I fire up “big Red”  and instead of going up…. He flips on his side and breaks a blade.  🙁  What the heck!!!!!  I realized I had installed the new ground station and I still had my phone on this setting.  Its ok…. Change my phone,  stick a new set a blades on and I’m ready to go again.   This time, up 5′ and  flying off to Lake Chevrolet to left of me.

I’m confused and frazzled and decide ok I will just fly “Faithful Fanny”  After calming my nerves.  I start up Fanny… sounds fine… ok ready?   Up and 5′ taking off the left.  Lucky for me my spotter caught the darn thing.  Ok that’s it.  If Fanny can’t fly I definitely did something wrong and I need to go home an figure it out.

So that was the end of my flight at the Elsinore Grand Prix.  Yes I did get a few photos and a little bit of film. I came home studied and studied, recalibrated (which I did there also after the crash).   I completely restarted my phone and flew later at home and it seem to be fine.  I think I needed the whole problem was in my phone.  ;(   But  I did learn a valuable lesson, everything must be perfect. If anything doesn’t seem quite right or the sequence is not the same, the results wont be the same.   And the lesson I already knew “don’t mess with things until after the big event”.  Duhh

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