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FAA Require Registration Of All Drones

The FAA has announced that all drones will need to be registered.


FAA Drone Registration

Not all of the details have been ironed out.   But the main concern is that Christmas is right around the corner and Drones will be the big selling item this year.   It is so important to keep our airways safe!   This registration is already a requirement for those people or companies having the Section 333 exemption.     The registration system is scheduled to be in force by November 20, 2015.   That is a huge undertaking in my opinion.   Forbes explains the press conference.

It is imperative that the FAA find solutions to keeping our airways safe.    I myself have seen many post regarding people flying irresponsibly.   I am proud to surround myself with professionals in the UAV (drone)  industry that make an effort to be safe.   I hope to start reaching out to others to “fly right”  and be available for people to learn the proper, safe way to fly.

FAA Section 333 Exemption

I got the FAA Section 333 Exemption!

Today is a great day.    I am very excited to say On The Go is officially open for business.   🙂

I had written a post about the FAA offering exemptions and many people have been applying.   I am glad to see so many people reaching out to “do things right”.   I hope to use my exemption not only to not only for business, but to serve others and our community.   I want to “reach & teach“.  UAV’s have such an important  role in our future and I am glad to be able to reach out to people and young kids and show them the proper safe way to use a UAV (aka Drone).

Maninho e Poconé

I had the pleasure of filming the Country rock group Maninho e Poconé when I was at the DJI event in Nevada.

Ken and I went to Rawhide Ghost Town (photos to be uploaded soon).   Stacy Garlington at DJI with Adobe hosted a fly-in on Aug. 9 2015.   It was a blast.  Ken and I drove the motorhome out the day before since Ken loves the whole “ghost town and mining”  thing, and  I LOVE to fly. I was the perfect combination.

While I was flying the day before the DJI event we met up with the Country rock band Maninho e Poconé  from Brazil who were there filming their video.   I was able to get in on a small part of the filming action.  I loved meeting with them and working with them.  After visiting with them they told me how they had the DJI Inspire but nobody knew how to fly it.  Of course I gladly offered my services and they graciously said I was always welcome…. they should be careful what they say, I may show up on their doorstep.  lol

I’m passing all of the video on to them, but I was able to make my own short little clip.  🙂  Hope you enjoy it the as much as I did making it.

Mottes Historical Museum

Mottes Historical Museum is in Menifee (Romoland) CA.   They are right off Hwy 74.   I love filming barns and this one is awesome.   It’s open to the public and worth the trip to see.  They have classic cars inside and they also are a great venue for weddings and events.  I used my new DJI Phantom 3 Pro for this video.  It was my first video with this UAV.

Drone Diva at Mottes Museum

Drone Diva at Mottes Museum

Desi Q500 flying Temecula

It was a great day flying in Temecula today.

It was my first time going over to fly with everyone there in Temecula and I LOVED IT!   Jon Kilbourne organized to have a representative from Yuneec and show off the quadcopters.   I had so much fun.  I crashed of course.   Not because I can’t fly, but because I can’t see.   lol  I keep blade manufacturers in business.   I’m really looking forward to going back out there again.  Everyone was very nice and I learned so much.

Desi Q500

Desi Q500 flying Temecula