Fullerton Arboredum

Aerial Services

Video’s and aerial images tell a story. 

Aerial images can share a event or preserve history.  They enhance and promote a company, venue or facility.  Drones are shaping the next evolution in marketing.   Drones are perfect for aerial photography and videography because they add a new perspective.

  • Construction Progress
  • Real Estate
  • Events
  • Inspections
  • Surveying
  • Science and Research
  • So much more.

We also provide businesses with video’s to enhance and promote their company, venue or facility.  Drones are shaping the next evolution in marketing.   Our marketing photography and videography is perfect for social media marketing and more.   

3d model of Congress Juntion

3D Modeling

  • Science and Research
  • Historical Preservation
  • Crime Scene Reconstruction
Virtual walk through

Virtual Tours

  • 360° view
  • Virtual Walk Through
  • Creative Marketing
Drone flight traiining

Drone Safety Training

Safety is our first concern.  She is a licensed remote pilot and a FAASTeam Representative.   Continued education is important in this fast changing industry.   Wether you are just getting started, wondering “what’s next”, or ready to enhance your knowledge and skill.   We have traiing opportunkties for you. 

  • FAA
  • No Fly Zones
  • Weather
  • Checklist
  • Drone Registration
  • So Much More!

When you fly your drone anywhere in the national airspace, you automatically become part of the U.S. aviation system. Under the law, your drone is an aircraft.  Drone operators are pilots and must fly responsibly and safely.