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Congress Junction Church Building

Congress Arizona by Drone Diva Desi

Church building in Congress Junction AZ on U.S. 89

Dirt bikes and drones off road again.   Heading across Wickenburg desert to another ghost town.   We ending up getting some great footage of some buildings in Congress.    Check out the Drone Diva Desi’s 3D model of the church on SketchFab. 

Congress Junction Church Building

This belongs to a private owner who generously allow us to film the building.

Ken and I left from Wickenburg AZ to head to the Stanton Ghost Town.    We traveled about 25 miles on our dirt bikes across the desert to find that the Ghosts were afraid of COVID-19.   Stanton Ghost town would not let anyone in.   We traveled North to on the dirt trail to Yarnell.  Then we jumped on Highway 89 headed down the road to the “HotShots” memorial.    Our hearts are saddened for the lost lives and for the family members the HotShot Heros. 

From there we came down the hill to Congress Junction where we were able film this fun location.    

1893 Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railroad passed through the town of Congress Junction.
Congress Consolidated Railroad was completed to transport ore between the mine and the Congress Junction in 1899.

This 3D model was filmed with the DJI Mavic Pro 2. Approx 400 images. Both grid and orbit flights merged in Pix4D. Used Pix4D to clean up the model and export to SketchFab.

Most of the information we gathered was from conversations from people currently living in the community or from the book “Backcountry Adventures Arizona” https://www.amazon.com/Backcountry-Adventures-Arizona-Peter-Massey/dp/0966567501 .

This is the book we use for our off road adventures.
For more information about “dirt bikes and drones” and our off road adventure check out the blog about Congress Junction.

Congress Arizona

Congress Arizona by Drone Diva Desi
Congress buildings
Congress buildings

Other areas nearby

Yarnell Hotshots Memorial
Wickenburg railroad
Dirt bikes and Drones

Desert Queen Mine

Desert Queen Mine

This hopper is from the Desert Queen Mine in Vicksburg, AZ.

As part of our “preserving history”, we made a quick trip with the off road vehicles to check out this mine. There are three mining settlements in this area. The Desert Queen Mine is one of them. Vicksburg is a (very) small town off Highway 72 in Arizona near the town of Salome. This town was named after Victor E. Satterdahl. He set up the post office for Vicksburg in 1906. Wells Fargo had a train stop in Vicksburg in 1907. The Desert Queen was a LODE mine.

We love that the mine is still open. Use extreme caution if you are in this area. There is a hole on the left as you enter the area and a covered hole in front of the adit itself.

Please tread lightly and do not destroy the history here.

Check out the 3D model in Sketchfab

Data was captured with the DJI Mavic 2 Pro manually. Single Grid at 75’ AGL and 3 orbits. Processed the data with Pix4D. Also cleaned it up in Sketchfab.

Flying above Bouse “B” Mountain Arizona

"B" Mountain in Bouse Arizona

Flying above the Bouse “B” Mountain in Arizona with the UAV Phantom  from 800′ away.

I got to  fly my Phantom “Big Red” above the “B” on the mountain  in Bouse Arizona, I got a great shot as I flew over and up to the American Flag at the top.   I’ve been doing a lot of practice flights, so I surprised Kenny when he looked up to find that I was flying behind the flag at the top of “B” mountain.  He actually said…. “are you in control”?  LOL, Yes, I was!   Kenny was worried he had a long way to walk to get the Phantom back.  But I knew exactly where “Big Red” was, and the phantom was right where I wanted him to be.  🙂


Flag at Bouse AZ

Flag at Bouse AZ

American Flag in Arizona desert

Phantom found American Flag

American Flag made from rocks.

I’m having a blast flying everywhere here in Parker AZ.   One of the trails has a USA Flag that is best seen with the Phantom.    I also found a cross made from rocks.  The story we were told is that the gentleman that made the flag was not expected to live long and he decided he wanted to do something before he passed… what an honor.   It’s great to see American Pride.