Swansea Ghost Town

Swansea Ghost Town Arizona

Swansea Ghost Town Arizona

I have been riding motorcycles and off road vehicles in Arizona all my life.  Swansea has always fascinated me.   I enjoyed taking the DJI Phantom there to film.

The town was once a copper mining town from the early 1900’s, and is located in the desert of La Paz County Arizona.

Swansea was originally discovered in 1862 but because it was difficult to get to.  In 1908 the Railroad connected from a small nearby town called Bouse.   That allowed local miners Newton Evans and Thomas Jefferson Carrigan the opportunity to start developing the area.  Approximately 300 people lived in the town of Swansea during its active years.  The most active years were 1909 – 1912.   The town dried up in 1924 and completely shut down 1937.  Through the years I’ve seen it deteriorate for various reasons. but I hope to continue taking off road vehicles to Swansea and appreciating the history it has.

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