Safety Advisor


Safety is not an option

On The Go, Desiree Ekstein, is a service provider and educator for the UAS industry.   We are here to ensure companies and their team members are compliant with current FAA regulations and safety during operations. This includes pre- and post-flight operations as well as onsite operations.  On The Go offers safety compliance training that is documented and measurable to AUVSI standards.   

Safety Advisory:

Preliminary review UAS (Drone) program safety development guide for client needs. Already have policy in place? This review of company standards and policies will ensure your company is operating within FAA compliance. Start-to-finish fee based on data and organizational needs and will require additional hours.

Standard Operating Procedure Development

SOP’s are a documented process that a company has in place to ensure that safety protocols, services and products are delivered and followed consistently. Maintenance logs, pilot logs, battery logs, and check out logs are only a part of the details need for company protocols. With a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures your team will operate more safely and efficiently. Developing these procedures can be a large task. We offer basic start up to full document development.

Onsite monitoring:

It is difficult to be stringent to have people follow the guidelines and procedures. Having designated safety personnel do a continual follow up on documentation and procedures will help aid with individual accountability. By implementing set standards and protocols there is no guess work to what duties should be performed and by whom. Should there be missing equipment, or an unfortunate incident, there will be sufficient documentation to follow up with. Schedule our representative for onsite monitoring to ensure compliance with protocols and data delivery.