Circle City Flyers (CCF)

Great weekend with the Circle City Flyers (Corona California)

I finally connect the people at CCF.  I had been several times but they were closed.  I’m glad I tried again.  It opened up a whole new world to me.  Everyone was VERY nice and VERY experienced…. just what I need.   I met a female flyer “Sam” and she is a fountain of information.   I took time to soak everything in and the I took to the sky.  Of course “Fanny” was great!  I did some filming, but I can’t to go back and film more.  The guys there have AMAZING flying skills and make Quadcopters, Helicopters and fixed wing planes do acrobatic tricks I never knew were possible.  I am looking forward to heading there again.

Yes, you do need to be a member, but you are welcome as a guest a few times until you know you are sure about your true desires.  Check out the web site for more details  Also you need to be a member of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)…. which I proudly told them I was.

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