AMA – Academy of Model Aeronautics

FAA Section 333 Exemption

I got the FAA Section 333 Exemption!

Today is a great day.    I am very excited to say On The Go is officially open for business.   🙂

I had written a post about the FAA offering exemptions and many people have been applying.   I am glad to see so many people reaching out to “do things right”.   I hope to use my exemption not only to not only for business, but to serve others and our community.   I want to “reach & teach“.  UAV’s have such an important  role in our future and I am glad to be able to reach out to people and young kids and show them the proper safe way to use a UAV (aka Drone).

Drones for commercial use

Flying for Fun

FAA is now allowing people to file for exemption to fly a UAV (Drone) for commercial purposes (through April 24 2015).  I am excited for the new possibilities.  To not be able to use a Drone for commercial purposes is ridiculous and is one of my biggest frustrations.  Our country is about “free enterprise”. Someone can film or take photos from a camera, but you put it on a drone and now you can’t sell it in any way.  Maybe I would feel better if someone could show me where on the FAA web site that it tells  the reasoning for this?   Yes… we need to fly responsibly, but to not be able to make a profit from the photos taken is ridiculous!   Not even from monetizing them on Youtube.  This is an article on the AMA web site regarding a company that was contacted by the FAA for monetizing their video on Youtube. (more…)