Flying above Bouse “B” Mountain Arizona

Flying above the Bouse “B” Mountain in Arizona with the UAV Phantom  from 800′ away.

I got to  fly my Phantom “Big Red” above the “B” on the mountain  in Bouse Arizona, I got a great shot as I flew over and up to the American Flag at the top.   I’ve been doing a lot of practice flights, so I surprised Kenny when he looked up to find that I was flying behind the flag at the top of “B” mountain.  He actually said…. “are you in control”?  LOL, Yes, I was!   Kenny was worried he had a long way to walk to get the Phantom back.  But I knew exactly where “Big Red” was, and the phantom was right where I wanted him to be.  🙂


Flag at Bouse AZ
Flag at Bouse AZ

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