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Flying above Bouse “B” Mountain Arizona

"B" Mountain in Bouse Arizona

Flying above the Bouse “B” Mountain in Arizona with the UAV Phantom  from 800′ away.

I got to  fly my Phantom “Big Red” above the “B” on the mountain  in Bouse Arizona, I got a great shot as I flew over and up to the American Flag at the top.   I’ve been doing a lot of practice flights, so I surprised Kenny when he looked up to find that I was flying behind the flag at the top of “B” mountain.  He actually said…. “are you in control”?  LOL, Yes, I was!   Kenny was worried he had a long way to walk to get the Phantom back.  But I knew exactly where “Big Red” was, and the phantom was right where I wanted him to be.  🙂


Flag at Bouse AZ

Flag at Bouse AZ

American Flag in Arizona desert

Phantom found American Flag

American Flag made from rocks.

I’m having a blast flying everywhere here in Parker AZ.   One of the trails has a USA Flag that is best seen with the Phantom.    I also found a cross made from rocks.  The story we were told is that the gentleman that made the flag was not expected to live long and he decided he wanted to do something before he passed… what an honor.   It’s great to see American Pride.