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FAA Section 333 Exemption

I got the FAA Section 333 Exemption!

Today is a great day.    I am very excited to say On The Go is officially open for business.   🙂

I had written a post about the FAA offering exemptions and many people have been applying.   I am glad to see so many people reaching out to “do things right”.   I hope to use my exemption not only to not only for business, but to serve others and our community.   I want to “reach & teach“.  UAV’s have such an important  role in our future and I am glad to be able to reach out to people and young kids and show them the proper safe way to use a UAV (aka Drone).

Maninho e Poconé

I had the pleasure of filming the Country rock group Maninho e Poconé when I was at the DJI event in Nevada.

Ken and I went to Rawhide Ghost Town (photos to be uploaded soon).   Stacy Garlington at DJI with Adobe hosted a fly-in on Aug. 9 2015.   It was a blast.  Ken and I drove the motorhome out the day before since Ken loves the whole “ghost town and mining”  thing, and  I LOVE to fly. I was the perfect combination.

While I was flying the day before the DJI event we met up with the Country rock band Maninho e Poconé  from Brazil who were there filming their video.   I was able to get in on a small part of the filming action.  I loved meeting with them and working with them.  After visiting with them they told me how they had the DJI Inspire but nobody knew how to fly it.  Of course I gladly offered my services and they graciously said I was always welcome…. they should be careful what they say, I may show up on their doorstep.  lol

I’m passing all of the video on to them, but I was able to make my own short little clip.  🙂  Hope you enjoy it the as much as I did making it.

Mottes Historical Museum

Mottes Historical Museum is in Menifee (Romoland) CA.   They are right off Hwy 74.   I love filming barns and this one is awesome.   It’s open to the public and worth the trip to see.  They have classic cars inside and they also are a great venue for weddings and events.  I used my new DJI Phantom 3 Pro for this video.  It was my first video with this UAV.

Drone Diva at Mottes Museum

Drone Diva at Mottes Museum

Desi Q500 flying Temecula

It was a great day flying in Temecula today.

It was my first time going over to fly with everyone there in Temecula and I LOVED IT!   Jon Kilbourne organized to have a representative from Yuneec and show off the quadcopters.   I had so much fun.  I crashed of course.   Not because I can’t fly, but because I can’t see.   lol  I keep blade manufacturers in business.   I’m really looking forward to going back out there again.  Everyone was very nice and I learned so much.

Desi Q500

Desi Q500 flying Temecula