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Daylight Waiver performance based standards

Daylight Waiver

5 performance bases standards need to be addressed when applying for daylight waiver.    The article in Women and Drones provides helpful tips on these standards.

  1.  Method for remote pilot to maintain visual line of sight during darkness.
  2.  Provide method for remote pilot to see and avoid other aircraft, people on the ground, and avoid ground bases structures and objects during darkness
  3.  Provide a method remote pilot will be able to continuously know and determine position, altitude, attitude, and movement of their small unmanned aircraft.
  4. Provide a method to assure all required persons participating in the small unmanned aircraft operation have knowledge to recognize and overcome visual illusions caused by darkness, and understand physiological conditions which may degrade night vision.
  5. Provide a method to increase conspicuity of the small unmanned aircraft to be seen at a distance of at least 3 statute miles unless a system is in place that can avoid all non-participating aircraft.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding the application process.

Drones – Understanding the New Airport UAS Facility Maps

New Airport UAS Facility Maps provide useful information for commercial UAS pilots.  

The FAA held a seminar to discuss the newly released Airport UAS Facility Maps.  The seminar was presented by UAS leader, Jeff Riolo.  Jeff Riolo is with Empower UAV.   He is very knowledgeable in current FAA information, rules and regulations.   These maps provide valuable information for a commercial UAS pilot.  Maximum altitudes,  Airport Date and Temporary Flight Restrictions and much more..

There are various ways to get to the Airport UAS Facility Maps … this link works best.  This link will allow the full use of the information available.


Airport UAS Facility Map

Airport UAS Facility Map

The maps are used to provide information regarding maximum altitude, airport data and temporary flight restrictions.   They are an aid used by FAA Part 107 processors to help with the airspace authorization process.  The FAA released the first of several facility maps April 27, 2017.  Additional maps will be published every 56 days through the end of the year.  If you would like to see the chart of release dates. 56-day aeronautical chart production schedule.

Even though the maps show the areas and altitudes near airports, commercial drone pilots will still need to file for an authorization through the FAA portal.   These maps will help with authorization process.  They are to be used for planning and information only. (more…)

Hawk Ranch Event Venue

Hawk Ranch

Hawk Ranch Event Venue

Hawk Ranch is a beautiful event venue located in Murrieta CA.
With a large pond for picturesque setting for the most memorable weddings and events. There is also a 2100 sq. ft. octagon ballroom. Green grass area for banquet seating and a large dressing suite.

I was very blessed to have the opportunity to film this venue. It is breathtaking. Enjoy the video to see how amazing it really is. For more information contact Hawk Ranch.


Real Estate

Drone footage is a perfect way for potential buyers to see properties for sale.

The aerial view gives them a amazing visual vantage point.  It shows a new perspective of the home or property.  And it also shows current location and surrounding area.

Frauds Myths and Mysteries

Frauds Myths and Mysteries

Frauds Myths and Mysteries

Published again! ... I really like this.  My drone photo is in the book “Frauds, Myths, and Mysteries: by Kenneth Feder.

Intaglio Blythe

Intaglio Blythe

Very happy to be able to provide Kenneth Feder some of the aerial footage for the publication.   Check out page 193 for a photo of the human-like image that is 171 feet tall.   Kenneth L. Feder is a Professor of Anthropology at Connecticut State University.   We met up in Blythe California.   I was filming the Intaglios with the drone and he was preparing for his book “Ancient America”  and “Frauds, Myths and Mysteries”.

I am looking forward to working with Kenneth in the future.   There is so much potential for drone footage for images that are best seen from a distance in the air.